The Atma Paradigm

The Atma Paradigm is a two day course combining the latest scientific knowledge with Vedic wisdom to address all the questions in life we struggle to find answers for. Often it can seem that science is opposed to spiritual understanding, however, this course will show how scientific evidence complements the timeless wisdom from the ancient East.


During this weekend you will be able to find out about all those questions and topics that we struggle to find answers for. The course will cover:

  • consciousness and identity
  • how the brain is the route and not the root of consciousness
  • what is matter and reality
  • how reality is shaped by consciousness
  • what guides the unfolding of the universe
  • chance and intention
  • what lies beyond the universe
  • how species appear and what makes them alive
  • whether plants and animals have souls
  • how science fits into spiritual reality
  • the implications of all this for you

Akhandadhi das will take you on a journey which will transform your understanding of life, all from the scientific perspective. Please do not miss out on this opportunity.


Course Dates: Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September 2017
Time: 10am – 5pm
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £25 (includes lunch and snacks both days)


To enrol click on the paypal link below, otherwise call our reception on 01923 851000 to pay over the phone by card.

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