Ayurveda for the Spring & Summer

We’re witnessing a change of the seasons, indeed even England is seeing the sunshine, the birds chirp and the flower pollen flying in the air. While the weather is changing for the good allowing us to roam the park, buy an ice-cream and play more sports, we may find ourselves sneezing more, finding it difficult to cope with the influx of seasonal changes and much more.

Fear not, the next seminar of the Ayurveda Series is here!

Ayurveda a 5,000-year-old system considered by many to be the oldest natural healing science there is – which is amazing considering the fact that Ayurveda is still practiced effectively today.

The primary goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to help people live long, healthy and balanced lives without the need for prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or suffering through painful conditions. In fact, the very word Ayurveda itself means something in Sanskrit similar to “lifespan build on knowledge” or “science of life.”

This session will cover crucial life topics such as:

  • A look at why we need to make changes to our diet and lifestyle during the different seasons regardless of whether we have a health condition or are healthy
  • What happens if you don’t follow the seasonal routine?
  • Understanding the natural changes that occur in the spring and summer months and how they affect us.
  • A look at why we should make changes to our dietary and lifestyle patterns in these months.
  • A specific look at foods and habits that are favourable/unfavourable during these seasons.
  • A look at simple remedies for some common conditions in these seasons including allergies like hayfever and skin conditions

Date: Sunday 12th June 2016
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £20

You can sign up to this course by following the Paypal link below, or at the Manor reception. You will then receive e-mail confirmation of your place on the course.

Name(s) of Attendee(s)

For more information, please email cvs@krishnatemple.com or call Sesa das on 07854 734331

About the speaker

Ananga Sakhi devi dasi has been formally involved with Ayurveda for almost 15 years. She has run clinics across London, delivered numerous talks and seminars and has written a number of articles on different health topics. Her various talks on ‘Pregnancy’ and ‘Ayurveda for the Winter’ were very well received, and thus she is returning to continue with the ‘Ayurveda Series’, with this overview of Ayurveda in everyday life.
Aside from her Vedic understanding, she also has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, which allows her to understand the science of Ayurveda within the modern context. She is married with two young boys, giving her ample opportunity to put this age old wisdom into practical experience with her own family.