French (New Mayapur) Retreat



For our final retreat of the year the College of Vedic Studies will be taking you to the spiritual sanctuary New Mayapur, in France. A beautiful place which is one of the few places Srila Prabhupada installed deities and personally resided in. The tranquil surroundings and historical temple makes this a perfect venue to loose yourself in a spiritual experience that will change you.


This trip will be facilitated by the teachers at the college, and will be a sadhana immersion retreat allowing students and practitioners of Krishna consciousness to deepen their understanding of the philosophy and go much deeper into their practice of it, resulting in a transformative experience. We decided to create a retreat containing activities which we would want to take part in. The trip will consist of seminars, workshops, kirtans, reflective exercises, deepening our bond with Srila Prabhupada through his memories and reconnecting with our spiritual vows, as well as making new resolves in our spiritual lives.


During the trip you will get the opportunity to be absorbed in the life and teachings of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and on one of the days we will be aiming to chant 32 rounds together! This is definitely the retreat to push yourself further and higher in spiritual life with the association of other enthusiastic practitioners.


The price of the trip includes travel, prasadam at the temple and accomodation.


Accomodation will be at the temple guesthouse. Rooms are shared with one other person (£250) or you can have a single room (£265) subject to availability. Toilet and shower facilities are shared, not ensuite, but there are plenty of them!


Dates: Leaving early hours of Thursday 16th August; return late Sunday 19th August 2018
Venue: New Mayapur, France
Course Fee: £260 (includes travel, meals at temple and accomodation) or £275 for a single room


You can use this link to pay and book for a SHARED room:

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You can use this link to pay and book for a SINGLE room:

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