Grihasta Ashram: The Sacred Ashram

with special guests HG Sridama das and Kaishori devi dasi

The greatest institution in human civilisation is the institution of marriage. In Vedic culture this institution is known as the grihasta ashram, a sacred place of purification.

The purpose of marriage is to provide an opportunity for all the members of the family to properly support one another to peacefully practice and grow in their Krishna Consciousness.

Marriage provides many opportunities for this as it involves rising above one’s own personal attachments and issues by serving the other members of the family with devotion and detachment. This is not easy (many married devotees will attest for this) but it is so by design to help devotees grow and become more pure. Thus, marriage, if properly approached, is an amazing opportunity offered to the conditioned soul to shed its false ego and become more advanced in Krsna Consciousness and cultivate devotional qualities like patience, determination, chastity and faith.

If one properly accepts the responsibilities of grihastha ashram, one can make one’s life perfect and go back home back to Godhead, every bit as much as one who does the same in the position of brahmacari. Srila Prabhupada said when the husband and wife live together as friends and companions in the mutual execution of Krishna Consciousness, there is spiritual progress and abundant happiness.

This course will cover the purpose of marriage, how to maintain a marriage as a sacred relationship, common problems in the grihasta ashram, how to choose a partner, the key duties, as well as common pitfalls. Whether you are thinking of getting married, newly married, married for a while or feel like you have been married for too long already, this seminar is for you!

Please note this seminar is mainly aimed at and suitable for practicing devotees.


Course Date: Sunday 14th May 2016
Time: 10am – 1.30pm
Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £10


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About the speakers
Sridama das and Kaisori devi dasi are senior disciples of His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj, and members of the Radha-Gopinath Temple (Chowpatty) community. They have been pivotal in developing the Mentorship System in Chowpatty, and in recent years, have travelled to many countries around the world, inspiring and helping other temples to do the same.