Idol or Ideal Worship


Why do we worship statues? Isn’t idol worship considered blasphemy in other religions. Do we need to do it to love God? Can we worship God in everything and everyone? Can God be contained in matter? Is there even a God?

Often these questions are left unresolved after a visit to a temple, yet hundreds of thousands of faithful pilgrims still visit in a ritualistic fashion.

This seminar will go through all these seemingly impossible questions to answer, plus everything else required to understand whether this age old practice is required or even relevant in practicing spirituality in the 21st century.


Course Dates: starting Sunday 17th December 2017
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £10

You can sign up to this course by following the Paypal link below, or at the Manor reception (01923 851000). You will then receive e-mail confirmation of your place on the course.

For more information, please email or call/text Sesa das on 07854 734 331

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