Second Initiation Course

2nd Initiation Course

with Kripamoya Prabhu (ACBSP)


Srila Prabhupada explained that he wanted a society of brahmanas. First class men and women exhibiting exemplary Vaisnava character. But what does this mean practically, and how can one move forward in developing these qualities?


Often many devotees receive second initiation but may fail to grasp the significance of the ceremony, the purpose of the mantras received, or even what is expected from a brahmana, including procedures related to daily chanting and worship. Many of us have never been trained in a temple so the processes involved may appear unpractical or even alien; some find it difficult to find a forum where they can voice their questions and receive clear guidance.


This comprehensive course has been especially designed exclusively for all second initiates who want to go deeper into their understanding of how to become a brahmana, beyond just wearing a thread or getting a mantra.


The course will cover:


  • Why two initiations?
  • Brahmanas and the Varnashram system
  • The qualifications for second initiation – a personal introspection
  • Vedic and Pancharatrika margas
  • How to prepare for it
  • Philosophy and science of mantra chanting
  • Pancha Samskara and initiation into worship
  • Yaga, the path of Archana and its constituents
  • Bhagavat marga and Pancharatrika marga
  • Sandhya Vandanam, the threefold daily meditation of the brahmanas
  • Upanayana Samskara – the second initiation ceremony
  • The ‘hard and fast rules’
  • Aspects and types of various mantras: Bija, Mula and Gayatri
  • Theology of the mantras
  • Making an upavita, a brahmana thread
  • Changing your thread
  • Brahmana’s questions and katha


Course Dates: Sunday 16th July 2017

Time: 10am – 4pm
Bhaktivedanta Manor


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