The Sonic Escape with HG Bhuta Bhavana

Sound is supremely significant! By material sound, we are entangled in the material consciousness, and by spiritual sound, we can escape!
Are you looking for a paradigm shift in your chanting? Do you want to achieve deeper levels of chanting? This seminar will help! There are keys within the teachings of Krishna Consciousness that open new dimensions and provide insights into our chanting of the Holy Names. This seminar will help us to understand our relationship with the Holy Name, and what it can be. We will look at the different levels of spiritual unfolding that connect with different levels of chanting.
You will gain:
  • A deeper understanding of the power of sound and its effect on your consciousness
  • The ability to identify the 4 stages of chanting and which stage you are on
  • The ability to decode different statements about chanting and understand why there is variety in the approaches of our Acaryas
  • Knowledge of the process from Sraddha to Prema, and how they relate to different levels of chanting
See your chanting in a new, fresh and empowering way! Recharge your resolve to chant better and to reach the goal!

Date: Saturday 28th July 2018
Time: 2pm-5pm

Course Fee: £15



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About the speaker:
His Grace Bhuta Bhavana das is a graduate from the prestigious London School of Economics where he studied Politics and Philosophy. He then went on to  complete a Masters degree at the University of London at one of the UK’s leading Philosophy departments. Since then, Bhuta Bhavana das has been a Motivation and Leadership Consultant, whilst actively partaking in multiple Governmental, Educational and Charitable initiatives. He also regularly shares Krishna consciousness with a wide variety of audiences across the world, from university students to corporate leaders, speaking on topics such as leadership, lifestyle management and self-development. He is married and lives in London.