Transforming Stress into Strength

with Ranga devi dasi, Apeksha & Santonu


In a world that is constantly on the go at an ever increasing pace, our ability to find inner peace can be severely tested. Stress is a common phenomena that many experience on a daily basis, and for some can be severely debilitating. Is there a way to tackle stress in a natural way, and even develop a mindset that changes the way we perceive stress and can therefore learn to grow from it? After attending our transforming stress to strength workshop, we strongly believe you will be able to do so.


This workshop has been carefully designed to teach you all the tools required to deal with stress, by tackling it from several angles. The half day will consist of yoga routines, meditation and mindfulness, breathing techniques to induce relaxation, guided meditations and seminars aimed to redirect your perspective in life, as well as take you from grudging to gratitude. Taught by both professionals and spiritual practitioners alike, the ‘transforming stress to strength’ workshop will tackle stress and anxiety in a holistic way, focusing on the body, mind and spirit.


20 places left 

Date: Saturday 30th September 2017
Time: 9.30am – 4pm
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £30

You can sign up to this course by following the Paypal link below, or at the Manor reception (01923 851000). You will then receive e-mail confirmation of your place on the course.

For more information, please email or text Santonu on 07737542958

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About the facilitators


Rangadevi is a yoga teacher and physiotherapist who uses yoga and mindfulness to help patients experiencing persistent pain. Her journey in life as a practitioner of bhakti yoga has led to a practical approach that synthesises mental and physical well being along with an awareness of our soulful nature. In her spare time Ranga can be found writing, exploring the outdoors, enjoying time with friends and family, meditating and practicing yoga. She brings her genuine presence to the courses she teaches.


Apeksha, whose personal spiritual growth is very important to her, is both a physiotherapist and yoga teacher, working for a local charity. Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is the focus of her work. Apeksha incorporates the importance of breath awareness with meditation into her sessions. She has a passion for travelling and creativity as well as reading and being in nature.


Santonu is one of the monks residing at Bhaktivedanta Manor. He speaks regularly on spiritual topics including how to reshape one’s perspective in life. Previously he used to work as a general practitioner of medicine and has a lot of experience treating patients suffering with stress.