Understanding Men, Understanding Women

The majority of relationship difficulties originate from a lack of awareness of the differences between male and female natures. The greatest institution in life is marriage, yet how much time do we dedicate to learning the art of relationship?


‘Understanding Men, Understanding Women’ takes an astounding look at the differences between men and women, examining the social roles they play, dissecting their psychological and neurological makeup, exploring their hormonal profile and ultimately discovering how all of these factors impact on relationships. Combining both cutting edge research with timeless wisdom from the Vedas, these seminars will teach the science of how to develop deep, meaningful and lasting relationships.

Facilitated by Caitanya Jivan das & Sheila Chauhan.

This next session will focus on exploring insecurity in men, and decoding in women.

These seminars are stand alone individual seminars for both couple and singles.

Course Dates: Saturday 8th April 2017
Time: 10am – 2.30pm (Refreshments provided, bring a packed lunch if you wish as it’s a lengthy seminar)
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £10 (Please book online and NOT on the day, preferably a few days before the seminar to assist the speakers and college)       


Future sessions – see dates below 

You can sign up to this course by following the link below, or at the Manor reception (01923 851000). You will then receive e-mail confirmation of your place on the course.



About the Speakers

Caitanya Jivan, a brahmacari (monk) residing at Bhaktivedanta Manor, graduated at University in Social Work, going on to work in London as a Social Worker for 13 years, and has been involved in ISKCON for the last 18 years. He has been appointed to implement ‘Devotee Care’ and assists the Marriage and Relationships team at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

What does a brahmacari know about married life, and why has he undertaken the task of putting together all these marriage and relationship resources?

Caitanya Jivan has recently made the decision to leave the monastic life of the temple with plans to settle into a relationship.

As well as having personal experience being involved in a relationship for several years, Caitanya Jivan feels his nature includes a sensitivity to the issues of support required by people on multiple levels. For this reason he has invested much time and energy in assisting others to make their lives easier and more rewarding. He has presented various seminars on different aspects of relationships, and has a huge amount of experience in helping people identify and overcome obstacles in their relationships.


Sheila Chauhan is an Environmentalist in the area of campaigns and policy and she incorporates psychological techniques to create behavioural change for sustainable living and climate action.

She has studied psychology and human behaviour/potential and has shared various techniques to create positive and lasting change in one’s behaviour and with others.

At  Bhaktivedanta Manor, Sheila has introduced recycling and has led national campaigns on ‘Karma to Climate Change’ and raised awareness on Ahimsa Slaughter free-milk.


Future Sessions:


Seminar Two– 1st April
Part 1: Understanding Men (Respect)
Part 2: Understanding Women (Reassurance)



Seminar Three – 8th April
Part 1: Understanding Men (Processing/Providing)
Part 2: Understanding Women (Security/Listening)



Seminar Four – 22nd April
Part 1: Understanding Men (Visual)
Part 2: Understanding Women (Beauty)


Seminar Five – 29th April

Part 1: Understanding Men (The Way He Values Her)
Part 2: Understanding Women (Windows Emotions)

These dates are subject to change, so please regularly check this website.