Vegan BBQ

Veganism is taking the world by storm, and is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice be it for health, ethical or religious reasons. But not everyone knows what to cook, and so to this end our amazing chef Satya has designed this workshop to teach you how to cook vegan, with style!

Vegan bbq cooking is a speciality, so this cooking workshop will be a combination of both demonstration and hands on experience. Satya will be teaching you to make:

Kebabs cuisines of the eastern Mediterranean makes popular use of skewers spiced ground cracked freekeh ,and chickpea ,gulten to make ka a s that crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the outside. This demonstration is one of its kind don’t miss it

Moist vegan meatloaf that stays together and delicious is indeed possible.this recipe offers you choices of Garvey or barbecue sauce for topping.

This a very practical hands -on course you will spend most of the cooking

This is a special course facilitated by our master chef Satya, who has decades of cooking experience, catering at a number of professional events and has even catered for the Queen of England. The workshop will take place in her home in St Albans.

The price of the workshop includes all the ingredients used. Students will get to take away and eat what they make on the day.



Course Date: Sunday 25th February 2018
Time: 10am – 2pm (allow some extra time just in case!)
Venue: St Albans
Course Fee: £50

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