Bhaktivedanta Manor

The College of Vedic Studies

The College of Vedic Studies is based at Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford. Offering a range of educational, spiritual and practical courses and workshops based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas, the College caters for people from all walks of life. At the crux of the College is a set of courses that take one from the basics of the authentic Vedic wisdom all the way up to gaining an ISKCON scriptural degree. Looking at both the Krishna conscious philosophy and its practical application in daily life, these courses have served to inform, enlighten and even transform many a grateful soul.
Open doors create Open hearts. The modern world, however, with its closed door policy, has inevitably crafted closed hearts. People are becoming socially awkward; impersonal, defensive, insensitive and selfish in their outlook. Our world shrinks when we close our doors, and our worldview shrinks when we close our hearts.

Sutapa das