Harmonium 108 – Level 1

If you have always wanted to learn how to play Harmonium, this is your opportunity.

Taught by an amazing musician who is a regular at all the kirtan events both in the UK and internationally, Prema Sankirtana das will take you through your paces over 12 weeks, teaching you the basic rhymes, raagas involved in playing a kirtan so one can gain both competence and confidence in playing.

12 weeks course consist of:

  1. Rhythm –  Rhythmic cycles
  2. Finding your vocal style & rhythm
  3. Description & playing the Harmonium.
  4. Understanding traditional & western muscial styles
  5. Various Positions of ‘Sa’. Playing the Basic Scale.
  6. An Explanation of the Notation used for the Musical Selections & much more!

+ Practical singing & playing of course

There will be a maximum amount of students allowed to allow quality time with each student & only 5 SPACES LEFT! Each student will be expected to bring their own Harmonium, take the sessions seriously and practice away from the sessions too. The class is suitable for ages 10 onwards.

You’ll complete science of music taught through the Theory & practical application from the basic to an advanced level. One key coursebook we will be using is A Vaisnava Harmonium & Singing Method by “Ramanujacharya das”

End of the course at an advance the student will be able to fully understand music and thus becomes a Vocalist, song writer, musician, composer, arranger, & producer through the Raagas.

Course Dates: starting Saturday 5th October, continuing for 12 weeks

Time: 12pm – 2pm
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £90

If you’d like any addition information please don’t hesitate to contact the College on cvs@krishnatemple.com

You can use this link to book your place on the course.

About the Teacher

The sessions will be facilitated by PremaSankirtan das who has over 40 yrs of experience in Indian & western music. From an early age he was inspired through family background – (father a bhajanist) which lead him to study Sastra Sangeet in Indian Classical music from the famous Dr. Usha Parkhi from Nagpur India (Classical Vocalist). Studied Western Symphony Orchestral & Pianoforte courses. He is experienced in &  has studied Electronic Sound synthesis music. A few of his achievements are performancing Live in Indian Bollywood  films 80’s & 90’s with his own band & being a Freelance musician. After the late 90’s he enjoying bhajans & kirtan for ISKCON and now has decided to also teach others to open up their inner-muscian!

This is a unique opportunity to learn from such a talented musician.