Devaki devi dasi: Being in Harmony with the Opposite Gender

In this course we explore the universal principles of Krishna’s supportive culture, which empowers us to consciously decide how much of which culture we want to invite into our daily life. We discover the highly important roles and duties of men and women within society – how the powerful feminine energy is meant to complement and inspire the male nature, on all levels: within marriage, within management and within society at large. This knowledge will give us insights into Krishna’s system, which He has given to us in order to bring stability and harmony into this world. Furthermore we will find insightful answers and spiritual solutions for many social problems we are facing in these modern days. It puts into question modern concepts and world views and inspires internal transformation. This course is a ‘Must’ for those who would like to have harmonious relationships with the other gender.

Devaki devi dasi was born in Germany in 1958 and after a long journey of searching, joined ISKCON in Sydney, Australia in 1985. She spent four years in the Sydney brahmacharini ashrama, learning the basics of devotional life. She took initiation from Bhavananda Prabhu and later re-initiation from Prabhavisnu Prabhu. She is now a disciple of His Holiness Niranjana Swami Maharaja.

During her ten years in married life (1989–1999) she preached in Riga, Latvia, and spent adventurous years in helping to pioneer the first more organized temple in the former Soviet Union. In 1999 her husband remarried a non-devotee, and Devaki devi dasi then became a renounced traveling preacher, spending six months per year in India and Bangladesh, and the other six months in various countries around Western Europe, Ukraine and Moldova. Recently she has been expanding her preaching and also visits Canada. In the past Devaki devi dasi was also fundraising for the development of various projects and holy places in Nepal and Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh she is actively involved in the IYF student preaching, conducting seminars and IYF festivals under the guidance of His Holiness Bhakti Purusottama Swami Maharaja.

During her years of service in Bangladesh, she developed deep insights into Vaishnava culture that have enriched her spiritual practice and inspired her preaching. She is sharing this wisdom worldwide in the courses entitled ‘Exploring the Roots of Spiritual Culture.’

In Ukraine she has served under the expert guidance of His Holiness Niranjana Swami Maharaja, spreading the culture of care for the past seventeen years: on a personal level by serving as a spiritual guide and mentor to many devotees, by assisting devotees to become spiritual guides themselves, and by lecturing and conducting seminars.

Devaki devi dasi has helped establish Bhakti Sangam Festivals in various countries and is regularly conducting Holy Name Retreats.

She was serving for several years as a member of the GBC Committee for Devotee Care and promotes care of every ISKCON devotee to the highest level of priority in our movement. In March 2014 she established the Institute for Spiritual Culture.


Course Dates: Sunday 23rd September 2018

Time: 10am – 5.30pm


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