Spiritualised Living

This is a three-month residential course, starting 2nd September 2019 ending 24th November 2019.

Learn Simple Living, High Thinking

Experience devotional lifestyle at Bhaktivedanta Manor amongst devotees and like-minded students. Learn to build up a regular sadhana (devotional practice) by attending the daily morning and evening program in the temple room.
We offer a variety of service engagements as, temple cleaning, assisting in the kitchen, food distribution, farming, milking cows, outdoor congregational chanting, book distribution and home programs etc.

The syllabus

The course covers the studies of Devotional Practice, Theology & Philosophy and Vaishnava Culture.
To commend success in completing the course, students will be awarded a certificate.

A) Devotional Practice Covers:

1: Devotional Service
2: Daily Schedule & Appearance
3: Four Principles
4: Hearing and Chanting: Tips and Pitfalls
5: Deity Worship: Tulasi Worship
6: Holy Days and Festivals
7: Preaching, Paramapara, and ISKCON
8: Cleanliness and Etiquette

B) Theology & Philosophy covers:

1: The Existence of God
2: The Search for the Absolute Truth / 3 pramanas / 4 defects
3: “You Are Not the Material Body”
4: Faith
5: The Three Aspects of the Absolute Truth
6: Krishna: The Supreme Absolute Truth / The Five Primary Rasas
7: The Three Energies of the Lord
8: The Creation / Universal Time
9: Perceiving Krishna in His Creation
10: The Three Modes of Material Nature / the Law of Karma / Re-incarnation
11: Death & Liberation

C) Vaisnava Culture Covers:

1: ISKCON’s Cultural Identity
2: The Vedas
3: The Four Varnas
4: The Four Ashrams
5: Respect: The Basis of Civilisation
6: Ethics and Morality
7: Relating to Devotees with Due Respect
8: Relating to seniors, juniors, and Peers
9: Receiving a Guest
10: Fellowship and Association
11: Three Levels of Devotees
12: Offences to the Vaishnavas
13: Twenty-Six Qualities of a Devotee

A nominal charge of £ 150 applies for the basic cost of study material, accommodation, food, and devotional clothing.

Concessions or sponsorships can be available for those with limited resources.

For application and inquiry please contact:
vaisnavi@krishnatemple.com or call 07776 060 697