Learn Devotional Sign Language – Taster level

This is the booking page for the “Taster” level course

“You must be sure that God is behind your vision.”
– Sunday Adelaja

Sign language is not like other languages – it is a visual language, and you communicate and express emotions with your hands and facial expressions.

The art of the silent language is amplified when it is combined with the beauty of Krishna consciousness. In this short course, you will get a taste of the life of Deaf people, their language and how they follow the path of Krishna consciousness through British Sign Language (BSL) and Vaishnava Sign Language (VSL). We invite you to explore a deeper way of living and communicating with the Deaf Vaishnava community and the Deaf community in general.

In these sessions, you will discover the first steps to understand and communicate with Deaf people by learning the alphabet in sign language, the do’s and don’ts, practise using Vaishnava sign language, and learn about the culture of the Deaf Vaishnava community. This is definitely a course you don’t want to miss out on!


Course Dates level Taster: Saturday 18 Jan
Course Facilitator: HG Prema Pradip Das
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: Haveli Classroom 1
Course Fee Taster: £6 (£10 for 2)