Some donate time, and others contribute financially. Since we live in a material world, financial donations go a long way to helping us to improve the facilities we provide to our learners at the College of Vedic Studies. On this page, you will find some of the needs of the College. Any donations, large or small, are gratefully received.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any queries regarding any of the below.

SMART board technology – transforming the classroom experience
The modern learning environment in most schools across the country would not be the same without a SMART board, or something of that ilk. Such technologies have revolutionized the way people learn and collaborate, meaning teaching techniques are now more innovative and interactive than ever before.

At the College of Vedic Studies, we aim to make the ancient Vedic teachings as accessible as possible, and we have found that this technology has made a real difference in this regard. Due to the kind donation of one of our benefactors, one of our classrooms was fitted with a SMART board in 2013. It has been used to great effect on many occasions since.

But we have more classrooms that would benefit from the same technology. Would you like to aid the learning of thousands of others for years to come? Please get in touch if the answer is yes.

Classroom chairs
Many of our sessions last 3 hours, and some even go on for a full day. Comfortable chairs are imperative. Do you want to help fund new chairs for our classrooms? Please come forward.

Decorating – painting
Marks, blotches, stains, can all deface the beautiful white walls in our classrooms. Therefore they need annual painting and decorating. Would you like to help in.

There should be no blockages to spiritual education, let alone financial. In order to ensure that those with limited means are able to enroll on and benefit from the range of wonderful courses we run, we are now running a bursary scheme. Benefactors can have the bursaries named according to their choice. These bursaries will then be made available to students who would otherwise be unable to pay.