Overcoming Negativity Weekend with a Monk

September 14, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Bhaktivedanta Manor
Hilfield Lane
wd25 8

The biggest problem in the world is most people don’t know what their needs are & those who know what their needs are, don’t know how to strategically achieve them. This gives birth to negativity, which eats up one’s life leading to misery and depression. To live a satisfying, fulfilling & blissful life we have to learn the science of how to overcoming these defects and tap into our true potentials.


Come along for our 2 Day course containing transformative spiritual philosophy, guided meditations and introspective practices, this workshop will allow you to tangibly progress within the workshop as well as deal with real life situations outside the classroom.

You’ll learn lots, covering topics such as:

  • Basic Yoga Postures to help strengthen your body (also suitable for beginners)
  • Yogic Breathing Techniques & Mantra Meditation to help calm the Mind
  • Overcoming Negativity & Remain Blissful through a 4 part workshop

Taught by our senior monks from the Manor, this is a highly rated seminar that should not be missed.

Dates: Saturday 14th & 15th September 2019
Time: 9am – 6pm (LUNCH INCLUDED)
Course Fee: Donation based, all funds will help raise for JD’s Cancer Care Charity

Register on: bit.ly/negativity2019

Janakinath das & his Cancer Charity

Janakinath (or ‘JD’ as he is affectionately called) is known for his quick mind and boundless energy, which has inspired hundreds to take to spiritual practices.

After finishing University, JD took some time out and travelled to India, where he got involved with a Hare Krishna organic farm for 6 months and learnt about self-sustainability. He loved it so much that he extended his stay and spent a further 18 months in one of India’s leading Hare Krishna temples learning about Vedic culture.

This eventually inspired him to come back to England and become a full time monk and help to elevate the consciousness of the planet. Since being a monk here, JD has travelled extensively to USA, Canada, Europe doing University programs, public programs and prison programs.

In January 2017 JD was suddenly diagnosed with stage 3, Bowel cancer which soon became stage 4. After having an operation & taking treatments for over a year unfortunately he has had two relapses as the cancer came back in his liver & later on in his lungs. Whilst going through this rollercoaster of a journey, he felt so cared for by the Doctors, Nurses & other patients that he decided to give back by organising uplighting retreats for them & anyone interested.

This charity custom designs wholesome well-being retreats to those who have cancer or previously had cancer or are in palliative care so they can learn ancient Vedic techniques with practical spiritual tools to help convert difficult situations into transformative life lessons.